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The Mystery School is the School of Life

The Mystery School is the School of Life. And, the School of Life is the Real Foundation and Demand required of our Education. Education must account for the total potential of the human-being. True education must involve an equal importance of outer, or worldly knowledge, as it does inner, or spiritual knowledge.

True education is the Nurture, Instruction, Development, Knowledge and Illumination of the whole body/mind being. Education must address the four seats, or four fundamental sheaths, of the human being. That is, the spiritual (self-transcending strength), the emotional (Whole-bodily Intuitive Intelligence), the mental (Strength and Economy of Attention) and the physical (Whole-bodily Health).

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General Retreats And Workshops

Discover retreats and workshops hosted at the beautiful and profound Tushita Ashram in Peria Valley, Northland.

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"The Mystery School's method of teaching is based on the student’s inherent, or innate, desire to fulfill his or her own self-worth, dignity, happiness and real wisdom empowerment."

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"The Mystery School is dedicated to the advancement of love, service, cooperation and understanding in relation to all beings and all dimensions of society."